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About Me

I thrive learning new things. As an up and coming graduate from Westmont College ('15), I am eager to see where I can play a role. I have a passion for thinking about hard problems and the occasional philosophical issue. As a rising developer, I consider myself a jack of all trades. I have experience as a Ruby/Rails developer, UX/UI designer, and Linux systems administrator. I am currently pursuing a certification as a Cisco (or Juniper) network engineer.

  • Swarm

    My introduction to Computer Science class was an initiation to the Racket programming language (a dialect of Lisp). It was here where I learned the fundamentals of abstraction and the process of critical thinking in the context of computer programming. The goal of this project was to create a visual implementation of "critters" that would roam around a map and swarm together with neighbors who they would come in close proximity to. Later iterations included different species of critters who would only swarm with their fellow species.

  • Language Generator

    In Artificial Intelligence we created and tested a language-generating n-gram model using the New King James Bible as a word-corpus. What resulted, was a program that can put together semi-intelligent sentences. This implementation is meant to challenge the ideas of "true intelligence" and to emphasis that programs can be very good at mimicking human intelligence.

  • Reactive Agent

    A semester-long project in Artificial Intelligence involved building and further sophisticating an "Agent" that would be placed in a grided envirnoment and learn from its surroundings. The Agent's goal was to locate and eat cheese. A bonus would be to have the agent pick up money on its adventure for food, but be careful! The Agent has a limited amount of energy.


Westmont College is a Christian institute for the liberal arts. Why study computer science at a Christian liberal arts school? Here's a great read by Henry Walker and Charles Keelmen that examines the impact that young graduates from institutes like Westmont have on the world and why it is important. What I value most out of my education from Westmont is the fearlessness to tackle any problem set in front of me. I have been deeply moved and challenged by the Westmont tradition and I believe it has played a major role in my development as a young problem-solver.